19 Self-defense Keychains You Should Know

It gives the attacker a shocking non-lethal blow without exerting much force. The best self-defense keychains can be blessings in certain situations. No matter how well you’ve been trained in self-defense, sometimes it’s just not enough. It is then when these specially designed key chains are useful. They can be used for medical emergencies or to attract attention. Like pepper spray keychains, there are many stun gun keychains on the market.

The loud sound of the alarm can attract the attention of everyone around. Sharp tools are easily accessible and usable, such as breaking glass or attacking someone in extraordinary circumstances. The easy-to-use personal safety alarm for children, women and men is a perfect portable key ring that is useful for all-time safety. The key ring comes with an immediate quick alarm, SOS emergency lighting that is easy to operate. The penetrating sound and light in the ears help to attract the attention of others in the area.

These are rape whistles, essentially without connotation and with a more elegant design. This compact small personal security alarm system is just what you need when you are in a difficult situation and attackers are trying to take advantage of your vulnerability. It is noisy, easy to hide and even has a mini LED flashlight for extra security when you need it.

In addition, it is portable and smaller in size, ideal for easy transportation of bags, bags or wallets. One of them is Kubotan’s key ring for personal defense, also known as . It is one of those tools that is very effective when you learn to use it effectively in accordance with the situation you are in. The Kubotan stick is simply a five to six inch self-defense weapon and is derived from the Japanese yawara stick.

This little electric gun has enough power to scare an attacker and give him time to flee. To activate it, just press the switch and touch it to your attacker. The alarming result can not only stun your attacker, but warn everyone around you of the emergency. We’ve found that this is a great personal defense keychain for women because they don’t need an attacker’s physical response because there’s no need to be effective. Many have an LED lamp that can also temporarily blind an attacker, doubling its effectiveness. This is one of the best gifts for students as it can be used as a key ring for rape, scares an attacker and allows him to get to safety quickly.

It is easy to transport, use and disguise as a simple key ring. That said, self-defense key chains are at the top of the best self-defense weapons we need to have at hand at all times. So if you’re wondering if you should go for a set of self-defense keychains, these crucial points will push you in the right direction.

As the name implies, self-defense key chains are used to ensure that you are safe in certain situations and that security naturally comes in a practical key chain shape. Basically, when you carry your keys, you can put a little security in the same key ring without risking everyone announcing that you are carrying a self-defense weapon. A big advantage of using the Swiss + Tech Silver 7-in-1 key custom wood keychains ring is that when someone sees it on their key ring, they don’t see it as a potential weapon, but as a useful tool. Therefore, it is easier to take it to places where no pocket knives are allowed. You can also use it to cut the strings that your attacker can use to tie it. If you want a super hidden type of defense weapon, Langxun is your best option and the best personal protection option.

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