First Cat Owner? Here Are 10 Things You Need To Know

June 6, 2022

This also causes your kitten to hide before bed, which brings us to our next kitten topic… When a cat scratches, the old outer cloak of the nail is torn off and the sharp, smooth claws underneath are exposed. By cutting your cat’s nails every two to three weeks, they remain relatively blunt and are less likely to damage human arms and furniture. Provide your cat with a sturdy scratching post, at least three feet long. The pole should also be stable enough that it does not wobble during use and should be covered with raw material such as sisal, jute or tree bark. With their innate curiosity, indoor cats can get bored without sufficient stimulation.

(It’s one of the reasons veterinarians prefer cats to eat moisture-rich canned foods.) To encourage a friend’s pet to increase their water intake, Krause recommends this source of running water that is more attractive to cats than a bowl. “Many cats like fresh, running water and drink more when the water stays cool,” she said. There are plenty of cat trees worth spending, but if you feel a little silly to spend three figures on furniture made for a cat, this affordable version is both feline and humane.

If your kitten needs more rest throughout the day, try the Comfort Zone Soothing Collar.

Consult your veterinarian if you are unsure whether your pets’ toys are appropriate. Some shelters require an adoption fee that must be paid before you take your pet home and the cost of this varies between organizations. If you’re adopting an adult cat, the shelter may have already taken care of the initial veterinary costs that you won’t have to worry about in the future, such as spay/neutering and vaccinations. Depending on the age of your cat or kitten, they may also have administered vaccination rounds and boosters. Keep in mind that you’ll need to spend a little money on the cat supplies, to make sure your newcomer has everything he needs. The wild and much brighter ancestors of your agile domesticated feline liked to climb trees, on top of which being offered a sense of protection from terrestrial predators.

If you scratch furniture, patiently send it to a scratching post or pad. If all else fails, give her some time by locking her up in base camp until she calms down. Litter box Place the litter box in a quiet place that is free of frequent activity and invest in a good odor-free cat litter. If your cat urinates from the litter box after training, it’s usually a sign of a dirty litter box or urinary tract infections. If the litter box is fresh and still being urinated on the floor, take it to the vet immediately.7.

It can satisfy your cat’s urge to chew the grass and can even help calm a dizzy stomach. And who doesn’t love to have a little more vegetation nearby? Reviewers love that it’s easy to grow: Copper Bellyrina Hooded litter box claims to have a “black thumb”, but says they’ve treated them without any problems and appreciate that they’ll last a few weeks. A small answer is to invest in a collar from ticks and fleas.

The design of the litter box requires cats to jump into an enclosed space to do their job, avoiding tracking of waste or urine leakage. With natural wood upholstery, this staircase fits perfectly into a cat lover’s living room and there is a space for storage under each step. When donating a cat owner with an older cat, Atsumi recommends “a padded and heated cat bed for painful joints.” While all cats appreciate a warm place to nap, it’s especially important for seniors. Kruger says new owners should ask or save the cat shelter what kind of food the cat has eaten. Dry food can be easier to feed cats, while canned food is a way for cats to get more water.

(However, he lives with up to ten cats at a time, both his own and adoptive.) “They are by far the most well-built and reliable automatic litter boxes on the market and they completely eliminate harvesting from your daily routine,” he told us. Cats love to play; be sure to provide your cat with a variety of safe toys. Jumping is a favorite activity of cats, so balls and mice full of catnip are good choices. An excellent option is the ZEE Mount Track n’ Roll, which can be mounted on any glass surface and provides hours of interactive fun. It can be placed on glass doors, windows, or even in your refrigerator to entertain your cat.

And if you are looking for answers from home, you can always “Ask a veterinarian” with this online tool. The following cat adoption checklist presents some of the things to consider when adopting your feline friend. Cats love to curl up in the heat, sunbathing or right in front of the stove. This microvell├│n warming bed with partial shelter can help your cat feel safe and cozy and is especially useful if you have adopted an older cat with joint pain or a kitten who wants the warmth of his mother.

Bowl funds should be weighed to prevent them from falling over. If you have adopted a kitten, consider buying smaller, shallower bowls designed specifically for kittens. Bowls should be cleaned daily and placed away from the litter box, since cats do not like to eat in the same place and relieve themselves. A self-cleaning litter box has a mechanism that rakes dirty litter after your cat has used the litter box. While some owners appreciate the cleaning help this provides, these boxes are quite expensive and the mechanism can sometimes scare cats. A hooded litter box has a high cover designed to give the cat some privacy while hiding the clutter often found in litter boxes.

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