After that, go to the cold, because it is better to rinse the foam. If worn in public or as underwear, add white vinegar to soak the item as hot as the label allows. Not all clothes can be thrown into the washing machine. For delicate items or clothing labels with the symbol “hand wash”, follow washer dryer these simple step-by-step instructions for hand washing clothes. A hand wash cycle for a few delicate items may require less water, but when it comes to more clothes, you’ll need more. If your home has water shortage problems, you will waste excess water by washing your clothes by hand.

But similarly, hand wash labels are often only added to expensive, thin, or heavily decorated clothes to protect them from potentially harmful wash cycles. This is the most energy-efficient way to wash clothes. The amount of energy consumed during washing with a machine is the most obvious drawback of using a washing machine. All you need is a bathtub, and your hands to wash your clothes.

After soaking, give these items the same laundry treatment as regular laundry. Mostly it’s the same washing, only we will not add detergent, this time we will add cold water. You do not have to shake clothes with a piston for a long time, a few minutes will do. Tilt the bucket so that it drains when you’re done-you don’t need to let it soak. The disadvantage of washing in a cold and gentle cycle is that it may not be effective in removing stains from clothes that are washed only by hand.

After about an hour, rinse the fabric and rub it as needed so that there is no more soap foam. If the garment is too sensitive for the washing machine, it is certainly too sensitive for the dryer. So hang them in dry air after squeezing as much water as possible. However, one of my remaining habits that I still can’t stop doing is soaking everything in the bathtub. I look for stains all over my clothes when I take them off at the end of the day. Anything super dirty will throw into the bathtub and leave soaked in oxygen bleach overnight.

We welcome anything we do to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, including washing clothes by hand. You need to gently apply a stain remover for washing clothes or a liquid detergent to the stain with your fingertips. When the garment is soaked, add sweaty water through the garment for maximum effect.

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