How Important Are Your Presentation Skills in Your Career Advancement?

Do you think that the ability to speak effectively is important for your career? Whether you’re working for someone else or starting a business, presentation skills today are at the top of the business ladder. And that’s thanks to the Internet.

The number of video conferences, webinars, teleconferences and seminars is growing, even taking into account our “slow” economy, as some may call it. People want answers and they want them yesterday. As a result, we are getting more and more information through the Internet.

While this may seem irrelevant to you at the moment, it may happen in your future as our careers are progressing faster than ever before. Layoffs, unemployment and staff cuts mean that many more people start their own businesses or look for work online. Even interviews today can be conducted via video chat or video conference.

Effective speech can be your biggest advantage because your competitors are often as well trained and/or experienced as you are. If a potential employer has to choose between two candidates who are equal in most areas, but one with the best presentation skills, who do you think will get the job?

Now look at the photo from a slightly different angle. If there are two candidates and one has a slightly better education or experience but can’t effectively say who you think will get the job? If a candidate is not hired to work in a research laboratory and does not communicate with the outside world, there is a good chance that someone who has strong presentation abilities will win this race!

Another scenario could be a contract. Those who know how to sell themselves are bestsellers and also win the most contracts. If you lack presentation skills, your chances of concluding a deal are certainly not as great as that of someone whose communication or presentation skills are superior to yours. Writing in the mail is not how business works today. People want to see and hear who they plan to do business with.

There are a few things you can do to improve yourself. Two important things are attending a public speaking class or joining Toastmasters, as well as learning vocals. Don’t let bad presentation skills prevent you from succeeding.

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