I am Creating an App for iPhone Which Psychologically Profiles You By Your Own App Choices

By now, you probably understand that all the new iPhone apps are driving everyone crazy. Even business executives have an iPhone full of apps; business news, stocks, industry information, maps, messages and other data. There are tens of thousands of applications only for professionals, sellers, delivery professionals and small business owners. For the rest of the population, there are applications for almost the whole world.

Did you know that in January 2010 there were about 140,000 iPhone apps and more than 300,000 in January 2011? It’s crazy, and everyone seems to be making fun of these apps. Well, well, since everyone’s creating apps, I’m also going to create one – I’m going to create an iPhone app that will psychologically profile you based on your own selection of apps that are currently on your iPhone, and then I’m going to sell this app to the National Security Service so they can alert them if you match the “lone wolf” profile growing in his house carrying the iPhone and terrorizing the X’er.

Apps installed on your Google or Apple iPhone phone say a lot about you, about what you believe and what’s important to you. Do you have a collection of apps that have the most eco-terrorists? What about international terrorists? Do you have the apps and interests that activist groups have? Isn’t it? That’s why I want to develop an app to describe your occupations and interests so I can find the culprits of our time.

Do you think this could work? I bet someone has already created an app that allows people to profile themselves according to their interests and connect with others who have similar interests in terms of similarities. This is just another step in protecting the American people, so please take this into account and send me a hate letter if you disagree! Agreement? Think about it and think about it all.

Further reading:

1.- Article from the Wall Street Journal; “As far as applications are concerned, the revenue picture is vague – companies are looking for business models as they release a lot of photo processing software for phones,” Dana Mattioli, published december 31, 2010.
2.-News Week article; “Snitch is in your pocket. Law enforcement agencies monitor americans’ mobile phones in real time – without a warrant,” Michael Isikoff published on March 1, 2010.

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