Skip Tracing or Finding Those Who Owe Is a Job for Your Process Server

When you need someone tracked down or traced, the job will be Process server accomplished far quicker and much more successfully when hiring on a process server trained for that purpose. Skip tracing or debtor tracing can be as innocent as locating long lost relatives or as involved as finding the one who absconded with millions of pounds in company assets. In many instances law enforcement will become involved but even they often request the trained process server to help locate the individual in question. Absconders, debtors, and those who simply choose to flee rather than face the consequences are an everyday occurrence and when they choose not to be located it becomes rather a game of cat and mouse with the mouse being an intelligent though evasive individual who would rather hide from authorities than face the consequences of their actions.

Trace and locate involves patience and knowing where to look

One of the jobs performed quite well by a process server is locating individuals who choose not to be found. This often involves electronic trace methods which are the latest method of detection. Many of our personal information can be found with the banks, law enforcement, and through tax records but much of that info is restricted due to privacy laws unless that individual has committed crimes. However, when the crime is merely evading a previous employer or perhaps ducking out on child support payments, the amount of information allowed to be freely given can be restricted, making it more difficult to gather the needed info and clues. Knowing where to look and who to ask are just some of the “tricks of the trade” a good process server will utilize in order to find someone. Physical descriptions help verify the person in question, giving proof that he is who he says he is or perhaps who he denies being. Fingerprints, DNA, photographs, physical statistics such as height, weight, condition of their teeth, age, hair colour, eye colour, and any markings such as tattoos or birth marks will help ascertain if the process server has found the very person they’ve been seeking.

The ideal process server knows his (or her) job inside out

It takes years to be fully knowledgeable in all aspects of the art of process serving but much of the basics can be learned while in training with a qualified server who will pass on many of the tools, tasks, and tricks they have learned. When seeking to hire a process server for a specific task such as skip tracing, finding an individual to serve papers on, or hunt down long lost relatives, ask questions and check references to find how much experience that person has in dealing with the task at hand. Even though they may lack in years of experience on the job they may well be capable if they’ve had proper training. It takes both training and experience to become accomplished, but in order to get there, they need to be hired and given the chance to prove themselves as well as learn. The art of process serving is definitely one of those on the job training occupations.

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