The Benefits of Living in Cary, NC

Living in Cary

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of living in Cary, North Carolina. For starters, Cary NC is a friendly city, with plenty of family activities to keep your family occupied. Despite the fact that the average age of the population is just over 40, you’ll find people of all ages here. For those of you who are considering moving to Cary, NC, consider reading this guide. It’ll give you all the information you need to know about this car-dependent community.

Apex is a great place to raise a family

The population of Apex, NC is just over 51,000, which makes it a great place to raise a family. The city received an A+ rating from Niche and is the third best place to raise a family in the United States. The city is located in Wake County, which has some of the highest costs for childcare in North Carolina. However, average home prices in Apex are under $1,400 per month.

Apex is smaller than Cary, so it’s less crowded and has fewer downtown businesses. Apex has sidewalk cafes, while Cary has a bustling restaurant scene and manicured parkways. It’s more family-friendly than Cary, and its historic downtown is home to a plethora of cultural and social events. While Apex is smaller than Cary, it’s just as safe.

Cary is a great place to start a career

The Town of Cary offers a diverse economic base. ITeS professionals contribute approximately 1/3 of the city’s total economy. Residents can enjoy numerous recreational opportunities. Cary has consistently been ranked as one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family. There are many opportunities for advancement at HCL, which has multiple GDCs located around the world. Its global delivery model combines onshore, offshore, and near-shore capabilities for the best possible customer service.

The crime rate in the United States has been steadily declining over the past decade, but many urban areas have seen a spike in property and violent crime. Despite this increase, the crime rate in Cary is relatively low, with a violent crime rate of just four per 100,000 residents. Likewise, the property crime rate is low, which means it’s a safe place to work, live, and entertain. Get more information about Cary NC homes here.

Cary is a vehicle-dependent city

Residents of Cary are mostly vehicle-dependent, but there are ways to reduce their dependence on automobiles. Among other ways, residents can shop in car-free downtowns. A city bus service called C-Tran makes regular stops in Cary, including the towne center mall and Crossroads Shopping Center. The bus connects with Raleigh and North Carolina State University. C-Tran also provides door-to-door service, a boon to elderly and disabled residents.

A new technology project in Cary aims to improve safety and traffic metrics. The project, funded by a matched federal grant, will be the first of its kind in North Carolina. It uses an LTE cellular vehicle-to-everything network to connect vehicles. The city’s traffic signal upgrades will begin in fall 2021. During that time, signal pre-emption units will be installed on vehicles, including Fire Department vehicles.

It’s a family-oriented city

If you’re looking for a new place to live with lots of attractions and entertainment, you might want to consider moving to Cary, NC. The city is known for its family-friendly culture and many activities, including summer festivals and a variety of outdoor activities. Summers in Cary are ideal for families because of the warm weather and numerous outdoor events that are held throughout the city. Families with kids can enjoy the numerous arts and cultural festivals held throughout the year.

Compared to other North Carolina cities, Cary is one of the best places for families. The town is considered to be a top place to raise a family because of its good schools, low crime rate, and a variety of family-friendly activities. Families with children will love the Marbles Kids Museum, which is located in the city, and the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex, which offers a variety of sports activities for young children.

It’s expensive to live there

The cost of living in Cary, North Carolina is higher than the national average, but it depends on your career, salary, and the real estate market. Use the PayScale Cost of Living Calculator to figure out how much you’ll need to make each month. The table below compares the cost of living in Cary to the national average. You can also view individual neighborhoods’ cost of living indexes.

Compared to five years ago, a typical Cary home cost about $9 million, making it one of the most expensive houses to buy in the region. That’s about three and a half times the median household income of $101,079.

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