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The New Year’s kiss is a time-honored tradition—but stick with someone from your own household when you do it. Avoid accidental sharing by making sure everyone’s champagne flute looks different (and even better, opt for a glow-in-the-dark optionfor an outdoor celebration). Many winemakers have single-serving bottles or cans of bubbly, so guests can more safely pour their own prosecco or champagne for the New Year’s toast.

That said, China does also officially celebrate New Year’s Day on the 1st of January, pretty much just like in the Western hemisphere. Make sure you get all the information ahead of time so you know whether to bring food or drinks. If you’re looking to party hard while ringing in the New Year, gather your friends and go to a club. Clubs will bring in the best DJs they can find and offer competitive drink specials. If your city or town doesn’t already have an open-air party, you can start one! Of course, New Year’s Eve is a great time to look both backward and forward with the family.

Most of these formal events require formal, or “black tie” attire. If you’re really up for some New Year’s crafting, skip the countdown bags and do count down pinatas instead.A Subtle Rivalry has free number pinata templates and helpful instructions at your disposal. No New Year’s celebration would be complete without some festive headwear. Check out the kid-friendly projects being offered up by Spoonful, Paper Source, and Sweet Little Peanut. Kids love Jell-O and adding a little sparkle makes it all the more special. Check out our recipe for Sparkling Jell-O Push Pops(and don’t miss the grown-up version from Perpetually Engaged).

If you lose your piece of bread in the pot, tradition says you either have to kiss the person on your left, kiss everyone at the table or pay a forfeit devised by others at the table. You’ll need a heavy pot for the fondue, a hot plate or burner to keep the fondue warm on the table, some long forks, and a loaf of crusty bread. Cut the bread into bite-sized pieces, keeping some crust on each piece. When the fondue is ready, gather everyone around the pot and take turns dipping the bread in the melted cheese.

Attendees of masked balls in Europe used it as an act of purification after removing their masks. Using techniques translated from making cider, they began to feliz año nuevo make sparkling wines . This invention also required creating stronger glass bottles that could withstand the pressure built up inside by the fermented drink.

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