When And Why To Use Rubber Tips On Trekking Poles

On your training runs, on walks to the shops, to work, to formal events . You get the idea though; by wearing them in as much as possible in the weeks and months leading up to the trek, it’ll help avoid blisters, bunions and lost toenails. Then, stock up on a few pairs of really good hiking socks (preferably a wool/nylon blend), that will wick moisture and keep your feet dry. If you want to get a bit crazy, wear two pairs while walking to minimise your chance of blisters. When your body generates fewer metabolic waste products, you enjoy your hike more and you feel better at the end.

The biggest risk you generally have on an easy hike is stepping in the wrong place. This could mean twisting your ankle, slipping on a rock, tripping on a root, or worse, stepping on some poisonous wildlife. Just be conscious of where you are walking, especially if you are chatting, tired, or wearing headphones.

They’ll help keep your poles from sinking in too deep in snowy conditions. Trekking poles usually feature hard metal or carbide tips, which provide excellent traction on trails, snow and ice. The basic hiking pole tips, also know as trail feet, are perfect for pavement walking and slick rock.

Please make sure to screw them on tightly and give them a tug before hiking to prevent loss on trails. Whether or not you actually need rubber karakoram trek Pakistan tips depends on where you’re hiking. If you spend a lot of time hiking on sidewalks, asphalt, cement and rocks definitely go with rubber.

Being physically fit for a trek means that you are not struggling and scampering your way up. This is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience, not painstakingly difficult. I personally made this mistake by attempting to climb the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Pulag despite not having any previous trekking experience. I hilariously found out the seriousness of the climb when I got to the safety briefing. Moral of the story, find out more about the route and the trail before signing yourself up for anything. Remember, when you stop don’t wait until you’re cold to add a layer.

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