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It offers not only endless mugs full of beer in the festival’s huge tents, but all sorts of fairground-like attractions such as a Ferris wheel, swing carousel and roller coaster. This one is particularly familiar, with many things for the little ones to do, including clowns and face painting. The Berlin Beer Week festival is a city-wide celebration of craft beer, featuring breweries from around the world. You’ll find places all over the city, but the biggest is Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei. This large historic building initially functioned as a brewery and is now one of the best cultural centers in Berlin.

This country is one of the largest brewers in the field, with brands and flavors for all types of beer lovers. While fall is a particularly popular time to attend these festivities, no matter what season you visit, you probably have the opportunity to join in the fun. Once a year in February, dazzling celebrities come to Berlin for the world’s largest international film festival. Berlinale has been held annually since 1951, with more than 400 films screened in competition for 20 awards. That is why this beautiful fair and beer festival is held annually and lasts three weeks.

2 weeks of crazy costumes, amazing events and over 70+ decorated boats are among the highlights of this Karneval. The whole week, like most traditional German festivals, is accompanied by a lot of drinking and a lot of dancing. The German Oktoberfest in Munich has the reputation of being one of the most legendary beer rinses in the world. What started as a big royal wedding party is now the largest folk festival in the world. Nearly 7 million people are part of this show and consume nearly 8 million liters of beer. The Bavarian capital Munich is fully illuminated during this time and is full of castles, palaces and mountains.

From noon on a huge 40 – yes, FORTY – stages, I absolutely guarantee you will find at least something you like, be it trance, techno, EDM, hardstyle, psytrance, house is … New Horizons has quickly conquered German music festivals after its first year in 2017, that’s right, not as many as most of these German music festivals! Called “seven festivals in one” because of all the different music and things to do, New Horizons really draws visitors to another world.

But the reality is that it is only a mega version of most German Folk Festivals and can be quickly invaded by tourists. During the Reeperbahn, the entire city of Hamburg comes to life with music. However, bratwurst remains the most common and most popular food everywhere. But to enjoy the festive atmosphere with total enthusiasm, we recommend that you buy the traditional Oktoberfest clothing: leather pants or dirndls. The most prestigious prize at the event are the Gold and Silver Bear awards.

Each beer-loving country has its own version of Oktoberfest, a testament to the notoriety that accompanies this far-reaching cultural event in Germany. This annual beer festival attracts a gargantuan amount of six million visitors from local and foreign sources, and seven million liters of beer are consumed! During the festival, visitors eat thousands of pork sausages, chicken, fish and pork chops.

In an effort to turn the annual riots into something positive, the city has worked hard to create a festive atmosphere for My Fest. About 16 city blocks in Kreuzberg have been closed to traffic and handed over to live gangs and neighbors who throw a variety of treats on the street. Oktoberfest takes place on a huge lot in central Munich, which is lined with 14 breweries/tents with huge capacities. Beer is only available per liter, and this is also not beer for the weak! This festival is a totally immersive atmosphere where nothing makes sense and everything makes sense at the same time 😛.

Karneval in Cologne is one of the largest German street festivals, with more than a million people on the streets participating. This German music festival is known for its techno, but also has some house, EDM and other electronics. Previous headliners include Carl Cox, Deborah de Luca, Reiner Zonneveld, Boris Brejcha, Don Diablo, Yellow Claw, Neelix and Yen Faki. There are even carnival attractions and plenty of crazy activities to do.

These wild numbers certainly ring a bell in your head and make you want to visit. Oktoberfest is actually a celebration in honor of the marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen in 1810. The Munich Opera Festival is one of the highest rated German music festivals, known for its extremely oktoberfest rich tradition, beautiful environments and great performances. Germany offers a complete experience for all types of intrepid travelers. From tangible history, big cities with avant-garde architecture, mind-boosting culture, beautiful scenery and fun German festivals, this country promises a holiday full of surprises.

The Lollapalooza brand, which became famous as a tour show in the United States, also has European editions and Berlin brings German rock festivals and every other city. The lineup, while primarily rock, is actually multi-genre and also celebrates the edgy elements of the hip-hop and indie scenes. For many moving to Germany, the idea of the Oktoberfest festival appeals more than the many religious festivities.

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