Older First-time Cat

I can’t believe how many people a kitten gets and then never cleans up his poop. Litter boxes should be collected daily and completely replaced monthly. We wake up in the morning and pick up the litter boxes when Derek gets fresh water for the cats. Plus, picking up every day makes your home smell better and gives cats enough litter to cover your business.

Helping your friends who are just starting a sustainable journey with your pet is a great way to share your knowledge and will benefit everyone involved. Slow and steady, supportive, sustainable and purposeful steps will win the race for you, your pet and the planet. 10 years ago, holistic veterinarians were virtually non-existent.

Also, you should avoid fish because of the high levels of mercury and phosphorus, but it is good in small amounts. Here is an article that explains the best protein for your cat. We also switched their feeders to stainless steel and took this as an opportunity to get something better for their whiskers. When you’re looking for a wet food bowl, look for something flat, short, and wide. We have these short, oval-shaped bowls and our ‘fussy’ cat isn’t that picky!

What can you do to help your cat feel safe, healthy, and happy? Any first-time cat owner checklist should include cat scrapers, extra litter boxes, and plenty of playtime. Hooded litter box Here are 10 great tips that all new cat owners should know. I really can’t stress how important this is to all cat owners, even if their cat is 100% indoors.

I never know if they will like it or not, but in general, someone will like it. They are natural climbers and love a small space of vertices. We get our scratch lines from them and they are durable, easy to build and a fraction of the cost compared to large pet stores. We have this and this, but they’re always selling, so there could be an even better deal. Cats should not be given grains, so try to look for a grain-free option. You should try to find a wet cat food that is usually meat.

EVERY cat needs a litter box, and you can find them in most pet stores and even places like Meijer or Walmart! Keep in mind that your cat should be able to enter the box, turn around, and squat in it, so be sure to get a box that is larger than your cat. It’s really up to you and your preference whether you get a covered or uncovered box (although some cats also have preferences for this). If they are thin, the litter will swing towards you again, or in difficult situations they will break. If you have several cats, it is advisable to have one litter box per cat, plus an extra. Do you think you love cats enough to take care of them for a living, or in your free time?

Your veterinarian can give you accurate rates for each procedure and can answer questions about cat health insurance or financial aid in your area. When you realize it’s time for your cat to lose weight, be sure to make a plan with your veterinarian. Many pet parents may not realize that when you put your overweight cat on a “light” diet, it’s nearly impossible to get them to lose weight effectively.

They also have nap points on the bedding for scratching and on our spacious window sills. There are more houseplants that are toxic to cats than are not. Be sure to research the plants before you buy them and check which plants you already have to make sure some Kitty seedling doesn’t end up in a visit to the vet. Another advantage of the new bowls we have is that it is easy to throw them away and refill them every day. The new bowls do not contain much water and facilitate their daily cleaning and change. You’ll see your cats drink more water when it’s fresh.