POS system in Singapore

Point of Sale (POS) systems are software and technology that may benefit corporate operations. These systems are utilized in various industries, including fine dining, fast food, retail, and grocery stores. Furthermore, there are several POS systems, each with its own capabilities specialized to individual enterprises. With so many POS systems on the market, which is the best POS system in Singapore?

Singapore’s best POS system

If you are considering investing in a POS system for your business, you have two options: rent or buy it completely. While there are advantages to both sides of the issue, owning is a good option if you have the means, but depending on your operations, renting may be a viable alternative.

Reduce Initial Investment

When establishing a business, renting a POS system can help you spread the cost over time and protect valuable cash by requiring you to pay a reduced monthly price without any interest charges from the start rather than a huge up-front payment while still receiving new equipment. You will have regular monthly spending, aiding in more precise budget planning.

An adaptable solution

You have more POS hardware options and a robust software system to customize your business performance when renting a POS system. This model allows you to determine which system is ideal for your expanding business.

Improve Operations and Security

Renting allows your company to integrate complex technology and simplify software solutions. For example, POS leasing agreements typically include security software. A POS system that provides security safeguards helps keep your data safe and secure. You may oversee sales and operate the shop at any time by renting a POS system with pos vendors. It aids in the improvement of sales solutions and functioning to keep a firm running correctly.

Service for Technical and Maintenance Support

As part of our rental agreement, you will receive extra technical assistance and maintenance services. The maintenance service will cover all areas of the hardware and software.

Every business nowadays needs a POS system. EASI has vast expertise in selling and renting POS systems by offering a fully managed solution to our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We have all the details you need if you want to know how our service may benefit your business.


Thanks to expert engineering and thorough testing, eats365 is stable once it’s up and running. The business should also do better in terms of advertising and budgeting. Thanks to its extensive app ecosystem, Eats365 may be used for various purposes beyond online food ordering, including membership and loyalty programs, inventory management, online reservations, and financial reporting.

Eats365 provides users with over ten modules and over 750 configurations and technologies, ensuring that restaurants’ POS systems are never disconnected from current dining trends. It will also reduce the interruption caused by changing or upgrading their POS system owing to a lack of functionality and scalability.

SME customers may begin with a 14-day free trial or participate in a demo and scoping session with Eats365’s country representative EISOL. SME clients will also benefit from up to 80% government support when starting on digital transformation.

It is most likely the greatest (and easiest) selection for your next restaurant because 100% of F&B businesses believe that eats365 ticks, if not all. Still, the majority of the checkboxes of their requirements, and all of them continue to use eats365 beyond the first year.


Sapaad’s sweet spot includes larger and busier eateries and companies with many locations. This cloud-based POS is every restaurant owner’s dream, with comprehensive restaurant administration capabilities in a single platform.

We enjoy how Sapaad simplifies restaurant owners’ lives by incorporating nearly every management element imaginable.

Sapaad provides robust support for everything from order integration and table management to analytics, reporting, and kitchen communication.

The nicest thing about Sapaad is how simple its user interface is to use. However, if restaurant owners encounter difficulties, Sapaad has an exceptional tech support team to assist them.

Here are a few highlights: Sapaad is multi-locational, which means it can handle several branches of the same restaurant simultaneously. It also integrates easily with meal ordering systems, making assembly and fulfillment even more efficient.

We appreciate their kitchen display system, which allows us to manage orders and follow order fulfillment across many cooking stations. In terms of operations, we believe that their real-time analytics and reporting feature gives useful information for quickly improving service.

Finally, Sapaad is already connected with some of the most secure payment portals, such as PayTabs and QPay, for the convenience of both restaurant owners and customers.

This enables the restaurant to provide various payment alternatives, which always adds value to the entire experience.


Lightspeed is a one-stop commerce platform that provides POS solutions for various businesses. Their platforms enable multichannel sales, corporate development, and financial solutions by unifying digital and physical processes. They make firms easier to run by centralizing numerous management systems, utilizing modern tools and software, and providing access by phone or iPad.

Retail, restaurants, and golf-related enterprises are among the businesses that utilize their POS systems. It allows you to build an eCom shop, import goods, coordinate shipments, and send people to your store for sale. Contactless ordering, printing orders directly to the kitchen, and optimizing delivery zones are all features of their restaurant POS systems. Meanwhile, their golf management solutions apply to public and private golf operations.

Square POS

POS Square has been delivering high-quality goods and services since 2002. They strive for client and customer pleasure, which has resulted in a loyal consumer base. The firm provides effective software and hardware solutions as well as after-sales assistance. They have worked with firms such as EPSON and a variety of others.

POS Square provides one of its products, OpenPOS. This approach is intended to be simple to understand and apply while producing tangible benefits. It enables you to handle back-office operations, clients, and inventory from one platform. Furthermore, the firm provides hardware that complements its POS systems. They sell gear such as barcode scanners, printers, and touch displays.


Shopify is an all-in-one commerce platform with all the features you need to start and grow your business. The company has helped several businesses all around the world. Shopify services include business branding, shop and product setup, and online presence development. It also offers marketing options such as email marketing, customer chat, and ad placement on social media and Google. In addition, the platform helps you to manage inventories and payments while providing required data.

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