The Fantastic Monash Playground in the SA Riverland

The South Australian Riverland has many great things that you could check out, but one that always springs to mind when bringing the children is perhaps Monash Adventure Playground. It is surely one of the most popular attractions for people to visit while in the region.

Located in the town of Monash within the South Australian Riverland, it was developed by Grant Telfer and his company, Grant Engineering, but then shut down because of issues of safety. In 1996 the adventure playground reopened with less dangerous amenities and far better picnic areas for families to have enjoyment from.

The most outstanding thing with regards to the 메이저놀이터 is that it is totally free. The maze can keep the adults and kids amused for quite some time, with multiple methods for getting out and including some lookout towers, hidden doors and high walls.When you are getting out from the maze you can enjoy an ice cream or other goodies in the paddle boat kiosk that’s central in the part.

The landscape through the recreation area is breathtaking, which includes a lovely creek running throughout the park, and bright green grass covering the majority of the area. A wonderful water display is also a central focal point in the area. You can find free barbecues to be used for public usage.

There are huge leaning towers that you can climb through with rope bridges as well as a large swing that can be used.

The playground also caters for small children of different sizes including the adults. You will always find many of the adults in the park getting on the equipment and having a go at the equipment. There’s also a place for toddlers which includes slides, a bridge and a child sized sand pit with diggers provided.

There is also a basketball area which includes goals for several age groups, and there is also a lots of room to kick a football throughout the park without disturbing others lovely day.

The wheelchair access is excellent in the playground, and makes it easy to get around. The park opens at 10am daily and closes at 5pm, giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy themselves inside the park.

When you finally opt to leave following a great day trip, you’ll be able to head across the street and buy some chocolates from the wonderful chocolate shop. A cosy little shop that has a tremendous variety of handmade chocolates that are made right in front of you.

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