Tooth Spots After The L Bandeen Orthodontic Brackets Of Three Rivers

Regular checks and cleaning at the dentist are also important. Bleaching products are not only ineffective when it comes to lighting under the supports, but any use during orthodontic treatment can lead to an uneven overall color. After the orthodontist has removed the brackets, you will likely see noticeably dark markings where the brackets were, even if they have no stains. If the plate is not completely brushed, it can cause descaling.

In combination with sugars, the plate creates acids that extract minerals from teeth. Add fluoride supplements, such as gels or spools, to your daily oral hygiene routine. Fluoride can help resinize weak glaze before acidic plaque finds its way into a white stain injury. The most common way to remove white spots on teeth after braking is by remineralization.

Depending on how long the tartar build-up has been and what your lifestyle habits look like, it can be more colored. By the time you professionally clean it, tartar can be yellow, brown or even black or green. Fortunately, it is not necessarily associated with brake spots and can be removed during a routine check. One of the easiest ways to make white spots stand out less is to whiten your teeth.

The supports and cables of traditional brackets should not in themselves cause cosmetic damage. But that doesn’t mean your teeth won’t be colored if you have braces. Oral hygiene and brushing teeth become even more important when the brackets are adjusted. Our office offers you extensive training on brushing and flossing around your braces. With every appointment we check whether your teeth have been properly cleaned and we remind you of the importance so that the coloring does not occur.

Brush thoroughly: The ultimate solution to prevent colored teeth from slowing down is to make oral hygiene your priority. Proper cleaning of braces and teeth helps prevent plaque build-up and prevents teeth from staining after braces. Brush with regular fluoridated toothpaste three minutes after each meal instead of a tooth whitening toothpaste that can cause white spots on teeth.

Every person should finish their frenulum treatment and feel fantastic about their new smile. If a little discoloration or coloring frowns, please contact us to make an appointment to bleach. If you are not used to flossing every day, your gums may be sensitive to traditional dental flossing; They can feel a little painful or bleeding. Tooth tape is a gentle way to make your teeth and gums floss, but it is still effective. It can be difficult to use at first, but you get used to it quickly. Once your teeth get used to dental floss, you can switch to traditional dental floss.

However, white spots will initially be more visible and gradually mix even more with the surrounding enamel in the bleaching process. These ugly white spots are usually permanent, although they can fade a small amount over time, even if you don’t get professional treatment to fix them. If you choose not to do anything, white spots will likely remain permanently visible on your teeth. If the damage caused by the stain is so serious that the outside email is damaged, it is essential to fill the cavity before the bacteria cause more dental caries. White spots can cause mild depression of the teeth and sometimes a small dental cavity forms.

While this seems obvious, it is important to brush your teeth every morning and afternoon. Otherwise, nutrient particles and bacterial plaque accumulate in the teeth, which can cause permanently stained teeth. Brush and floss after every meal, with toothpaste such as Colgate TotalSF Advanced Whitening to maintain color and attack Zahnarzt Zürich germs that ruin it at the same time. To make this easier to handle, move your diet to three meals a day and brush only 30 minutes after each dish. This gives your email time to settle and your saliva time to wash away the acids left by the food. This service is available in our clinics in Asheville and Hendersonville.

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