Top 5 Benefits Of Hosted Access Control

Workplace safety is important for a number of reasons, but what many employers may not realize is that it can be an effective way to increase productivity. Studies have shown that employees are happier when they feel they are working in a safe environment and happy employees are more productive than those who are not. For example, you can connect a smart thermostat to the policy to use your company’s HVAC method more efficiently.

In addition to time and scheduling flexibility for security personnel, hosted access control provides flexibility in service options. The world is changing rapidly, and companies like medical practices and financial institutions are often turning to better serve patients and customers. Keeping safety first has taken on a whole new meaning in the past year, as have physical spaces. Hosted access control means your security follows you no matter where you go. On-site access control would require significant storage space, new equipment for each site, and IT and security personnel to monitor the systems.

Access control systems aim to control who has access to a building, facility or area “only authorized persons”. This is usually done by assigning employees, executives, freelancers, and suppliers to different types of groups or access levels. Anyone can use their access cards to enter the front door, but they cannot access areas that contain secure or internal information.

Deliver best-in-class enterprise security management software to protect your employees, property, and assets. Access control systems allow you not only to restrict access, but also to allow access to multiple buildings if necessary. As a Pennsylvania-based company, we invest in the success of local businesses and our community, helping us find the most efficient solutions for our customers.

However you see it, hosted access control saves employees time and eliminates the need for on-site monitoring personnel at each location. Many companies also integrate hosted video services into their access control management, as video surveillance can help companies respond quickly and accurately to incidents. Integrated Control Systems Vulnerabilities are much easier to understand when high-quality video can be used to identify important problem areas. When you combine video with access control, the efficiency of your security system increases, giving users the ability to control risk and make informed decisions for an appropriate response.

With the help of video analysis, the camera system can determine whether the person using the card is really the person who is authorized to use it. Access control can also increase cost efficiency by protecting accessories and equipment. Electronic access data records who has entered certain rooms and when, so that access to laboratories and storage rooms can be monitored.

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